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There's a Commission Regulation (EC), and its opening phrase is:
This document is meant purely as a documentation tool and the institutions do not assume any liability for its contents
I cannot find a definition, could you please explain to me what A DOCUMENTATION TOOL is
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    A tool used to document things? So I guess that document contains important information about other matters and is useful as a reference.


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    OK, I found lots of examples.

    This is a general disclaimer that appears at the top of many internet-published documents from the EC.

    They have posted lots of stuff for your information, but you should not rely absolutely on any of the content. You should not assume that the version you read is the definitive version of the document concerned. It may have been superseded. It may, indeed, be incorrect for technical reasons related to the presentation.

    It's a "documentation tool"?
    It has been published to help you to access EC documentation, but nothing more than that.
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