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    The writer is doing some research and says this:

    In July of 2012 I began an SEO campaign on a brand new travel and hospitality related site. As a (small) part of my efforts to establish an online social presence for this site I began targeting highly authoritative, relevant blogs to make quality comments on.
    (The writer then mentions a specific blog with a screen-captured image.)
    I left a comment on one of their posts, documented the link, subscribed to the comment feed and moved on with my campaign. Over the course of the next few weeks I saw my link profile skyrocket from 0 to around 1,400 links.

    Because he's doing research, I see "documented the link" as to record the link in his research notes (date, time, what was said, etc.) so that he has a record of what he did that he can refer to in the future as he watches the progress of his efforts.
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