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The quotation comes from Apples and Oranges: Methodological Requirements for Testing a Possible Ingroup Advantage in Emotion Judgments from Facial Expressions (Chapter 7) - Group Dynamics and Emotional Expression

Quotation: However, there are also cultural differences in emotion judgments. One of the first studies that documented cultural differences reported correlations between Hofstede's cultural dimension data (Hofstede, 1980, 1984) with accuracy rates of judgments of universal facial expressions of emotion across cultures in an ecological analysis (Matsumoto, 1988). Subsequent studies showed that cultural differences existed between Americans and Japanese (Matsumoto, 1992), and then across a broader range of cultures (Biehl et al., 1997) and ethnic groups (Matsumoto, 1993), and in bilinguals depending on the language in which they are tested (Matsumoto & Assar, 1992).
Hi everyone! Does "documented" here mean "recorded"?

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    To document means "to support by documentary evidence." (Thank you, dictionary.)
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