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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Erickaf, May 17, 2009.

  1. Erickaf Member

    How do you say "I dodged the bullet."
    My attempt:
    Ho scansato la pallottola.
  2. infinite sadness

    infinite sadness Senior Member

    Ho schivato la pallottola.
  3. swimturtle New Member

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    To dodge a bullet is an idiomatic expression that 99.9% of the time does NOT refer to actually dodging real bullets.
    Instead, it means to barely escape a difficult situation of any kind.
    In Italian the corresponding idiom is:

    Scamparla bella. That is the infinitive.

    So, "I dodged a bullet" should be translated "L'ho scampata bella."
  4. Michael in Milan New Member

    English - US
    Anyone know the Italian for "dodge a bullet"? Example: Our company was nearly out of money, so we really dodged a bullet when our funding came through. Thanks.
  5. Spiritoso78

    Spiritoso78 Senior Member

    Tolmezzo, Friuli (I)
    Italiano e friulano
    Ciao e benvenuto,

    you should try first, but..

    ...per cui l'abbiamo scampata per un pelo quando.....
    ...per cui quel finanziamento è stato manna dal cielo...

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