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Hi all, I am stuck trying to translate the paragraph below, especially an appropriate word for dodge. Below is my attempt - I would be so grateful if anyone can offer any suggestions/alternatives (and general prrofing, too!), it is a rather tricky one! Merci d'avance.

Duras' dodge mentioned above points out that speech and writing do not function as affirmations of eternal truths.

L'évitation (noun for éviter??) de Duras mentionné ci-dessous souligne que la parole et l’écriture ne fonctionnent pas commes des affirmations de vérités éternels.
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    Thanks mgarizona, but "ruse" wouldn't work, am give a bit more context, I am trying to say her "avoidance", since in the sentence below she has said she does not want to be associated with any particular writing style.


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    If you're talking about Marguerite, maybe you should avoid "la dérobade", since it's the title of a novel by Jeanne Cordelier.
    Unless you think it's a very good reason to use it! :)

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    Thanks for the tip, Pieanne, I know it is a novel by Jeanne Cordelier. Yet, I don't think the word 'dérobade' is forever marked by this.