DOE - dossier des ouvrages exécutés


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Hello world,

How do you say DOE (Dossier des Ouvrages Exécutés) in English please ?


I look for it on WR dossier, ouvrage and exécuté...
Dossier d'Interventions Ultérieures sur l'Ouvrage is translated into "File of futher interventions on work/structure"

There is a good explaination about the DOE on the french Wikipedia, but as a junior, I can't post link. I would found the equivalent term.
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    It is not a "list of completed projects", but "as-built documentation" or "as-built records". In other words documentation recording how a structure was actually built, as opposed to the documentation (drawings etc.) produced prior to construction and indicating how it was intended to be built.
    "As-built documentation is the final deliverable for all projects and is a key tool used to operate and maintain the system components as well as to populate the ITSFM database. Therefore, it is critical that as-built records of construction be maintained over the life of the project to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the deliverable.
    As-built record drawings document changes and modifications made during installation, compared to what is shown on the approved design plans, and depict the actual type, quantity, and location of assets installed on the project."
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    The "Dossier des Ouvrages Exécutés" refers to documents that a contractor must provide to a client upon completion of construction works. In English, we might refer to it as "handover documentation."
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