Does “Can I play with your toy for a little while” sound rude and unnatural?

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If a toddler wants to play with another kid’s toy, what’s the most common way to ask?
Can I play with your toy?
Can I borrow your toy?
Could you share your toy with me?
What would you recommend to say?
  • lingobingo

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    Most “toddlers” don’t yet have much of a vocabulary! They would probably just grab the toy :D or maybe (in BE) say “Can I have a go [with it] now?”.


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    I think "Can I play with your toy?" is the most natural.
    Can I borrow might suggest that they want to take it home.
    The alternative for a toddler is simply to snatch it :D

    london calling

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    Toddler grabs other child's toy. Cue wailing and screaming (Mine! Mine!). :D

    If (and that's a big if) they do ask first I agree with the above but many very young toddlers probably wouldn't be able to articulate the words at all as some don't start speaking as young as others.