Does it make a sound?

  • Ralf

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    If no one one is there to hear there is most likely no one to watch either. But the tree will probably fall all the same. So why should there be no sound? But you'd better ask Sharon. She has a similar "event" in her signature and is therefore more an expert on falling trees than me.


    Who says, who establishes what a "sound" is? Our senses. If our senses are not there to hear the sound, so there is no sound although the tree falls. :rolleyes:

    Does a deaf person hear that sound, does he know what a sound is? Can he say that a sound exists? :confused:

    Does colour exist to a blind person? :rolleyes:

    I'd like to know what you think about senses.

    Does sound exist by itself or it is in our heads?


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    I think Ralf is right. There are numerous things that happen all the time and we don't even know they happen. You might be talking now, I can't hear you, nevertheless you're talking.

    As far as I know, deaf people feel vibrations. Sounds are transmitted through vibrations.


    Silvia is right. Sounds are just vibrations and we hear them amplified through the apparatus of the ear. Deaf people are aware of loud sounds ie large vibrations. As for trees, who knows, but there's plenty of chance for research in Scotland with the winds we've had recently.