Does it work? vs. Is it working?


I want meaning and the difference between, so many topic says its out of question! why?
"Does it work?"
"Is it working?"
  • mhndlsz

    thank you for reply.
    the question is general, can you say different circumstances yourself, then i can realize difference, you can think "it" refers to "my phone"

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    Does it work? = Does it operate as it's supposed to?
    Is it working? = Is it operating as it's supposed to now?

    Examples: Before buying an old microwave at a garage sale, Jim asked, "Does it work?"
    The office printer was out of toner this morning. This afternoon Tom wants to print something.
    He thinks that the toner was replaced, but he is not sure. He asks a colleague:
    "Is the printer working?"

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