Does Joe's cafe have many customers in it?


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HI, guys.

I've got some questions to ask you. There are a few contexts I don't fully understand the meaning of.

Q.1 Does Joe's cafe have many customers in it?
A.1 No, he has only a few. / No, he doesn't have many.

1-1. In the A.1, doesn't "he" have to be "it" to refer to Joe's cafe? (My answer : No, "it" has only a few. / No, "it" doesn't have many.)
Because Joe's cafe is the subject in Q.1.

Q.2 How many customers does "Mom" have in her cafe? (= How many customers does Mom's cafe have in it)?
A.2 She has a lot.

2-1. Do these sentences make sense? (I think someone's mom is running the cafe in this context and the name of the cafe is Mom's cafe.)

2-2 If make sense, is it okay to change the Q.1 to "Does "Joe" have many customers in his cafe?"?

My questions seem quite trivial. lol:p
Thank you for your time.
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