Does "overthink" literally exist?

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Hello everyone here..

I've been wondering whether "overthink" this verb really exist in English,because I've seen this verb has been used in some movie or Tv-show.
The funny part is that I can't even find it in dictionary.Could anyone tell me?Thanks
  • suzi br

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    I certainly have met it many times.
    I guess over is being used as a prefix to mean excessive. You maybe could find it if you had s dictionary which lists all the prefix uses?


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    It's a perfectly good verb and is in our dictionary; just type "overthink" in the box "Dictionary and thread title search". (Oddly enough my spell checker for some reason does not like this word).


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    It is not in my Webster's unabridged International Dictionary, but I have seen it used many times, and I have used it myself, to mean to dwell on too much.

    Don't overthink the problem. All you'll get is a headache.


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    As velisarius has said above, it is in our dictionary. If you look up overthink in the dictionary as she says, and click on the in context link near the top of the definition page, you will find many examples of the use of 'overthink' in news stories.
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