Does "personal affair" have a bad meaning?

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Since the word affair is usually used to describe a sexual relationship, it is important to use it correctly not give this impression.

I want to say: I am visiting New York for a personal affair (for personal reasons rather than business). Does it give an impression that I want to meet someone with whom I have a sexual relationship?
  • ewie

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    It does sound dangerously like that, Etrader, yes:eek:

    You could choose from for personal reasons, on personal matters, on personal business ...:)


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    Hi etrader - it's better to say "I am visiting New York on personal business." We understand that to mean any kind of personal reason, including family reasons, nothing to do with business or your job.


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    'Affairs', plural, can be used to mean business or personal matters. It could also mean more than one sexual affair, but it's not nearly as dangerous as singular 'affair'.
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