Does the name Anwar have anything to do with Ahunvairya?

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  1. mojobadshah Senior Member

    I see that the name Anwar means luminous in Arabic, which to me recalls Zoroastrian symbolism, and then there's the Ahunvairya prayer which is known as the Pater Noster of Zoroastrian prayers. Given its importance is it possible that it contracted into the name Anwar and was loaned into Arabic?
  2. Wolverine9 Senior Member

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    Anwar is connected to the word nūr "light." It's not loaned from Persian or Avestan.
  3. Treaty Senior Member

    Anwar (= brighter/brightest) is the masculine comparative/superlative form of Arabic root n-w-r (= light, pronounced as Wolverine mentioned).

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