Does this sound natural in japanese?

Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by Manolo18, Sep 26, 2013.

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    However, We do not say 頭の奥 nor 心の白と黒. We could guess and imagine what you mean, but far from natural.
    Also, 多分 does not go well with 本当に愛している.

    A natural line would be「心の隅々(すみずみ)まで見せたい。」or 「~見せてしまいたい。」or「~見せられたら。」
    (if the context I'm guessing is correct, that is.)
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    多分本当に愛している is okay. It is a less-than-perfect conviction that one's love is true.

    心の白と黒 is not immediately intelligible as a Japanese expression. Does that mean positive and negative thoughts of some kind?
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    Then maybe I could say あたまのなか and 心の光と暗さ? Sumizumi does carry the mesning but no the same feeling. I want her to see both the good and bad in it.
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    If what you're trying to say here is that you want to show her the good side and bad side of your personality, how about "良い面も悪い面も見せたい"?
    With that said, although this is natural Japanese, I'd say it became a bit ordinary...
    心の光と暗さ doesn't sound perfectly Japanese, but it still carries some power and leaves me with a strong impression. I like that.
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    Or maybe, either "心の光と闇(light and darkness)" or "心の光と影(light and shadow)" if you prefer such expressions.
    (I thought someone/Flaminius-san? had posted「~を見てもらいたい」instead and I think it sounded good. Why deleted? I still think たぶん does not go well with 本当に愛してる, though, unless it is たぶん「本当に愛してる」とわかる.)
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