Does this trail loop around?


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Greetings! I couldn't think of a natural way to ask this question in German. As for context, I was walking on a trail around a lake, and I wasn't sure if the trail formed a complete loop around the lake, or if I would have to backtrack to get to the starting point. I wanted to ask somebody walking from the other direction "Does this trail loop around?," but I wasn't sure enough how to say it in German in an understandable way.

The only ways I could think to say it don't sound very natural to me:

Ist dieser Pfad kreisförmig?

Geht dieser Pfad um den ganzen See herum?

Thanks in advance for any input.
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    Thank you both for the answers :)
    Rundweg is good to know.

    I just double checked, and I've heard it before "das ist rundweg falsch." Obviously a different context.
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