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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Appolonia, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. Appolonia New Member

    USA - English
    Happy New Year! I am very new to this site and was hoping someone could help me. I am trying to train my dog and would like to teach commands in Italian. The trainer only knows Russian and German. I would like to say, SIT and STAY and DOWN.
    Can someone help? Thanks! or GraziE :)
  2. Alfry

    Alfry Senior Member

    welcome to this WR Forum:
    SIT - seduto
    STAY - fermo
    DOWN - giù
  3. Appolonia New Member

    USA - English
    Wow , hey thanks alot!!! Not quite sure how to say "down", sorry to bug but can you offer the phonics?Again, thanks! I haven't thought much of learning Italian, but I guess I could try, after all the Godfather is my fav movie.

    Thanks again
  4. Silvia

    Silvia Senior Member

    Hi Appolonia, Happy New Year to you as well!

    FYI, in Italy dogs are usually trained with German commands.

    If you really want to teach Italian commands, you should use the following:
    al piede (not very used, it's to walk side by side)
    seduto (sit, German sitz)
    seduto resta (stay sit down)
    fermo resta (stay)
    resta (short form for stay)
    terra (ground, German platz)
    terra resta (stay ground)

    I'm not sure about the English translation, since we don't use English commands ;)

    I hope it's clear!
  5. Tobycek Senior Member

    England, English
    "Al piede" is the equivalent of "heel" in English.

    As for the phonics, Appolonia, "giú" is pronounced like "Jew", but with a shorter and purer "oo" sound.:)
  6. Finelli Member

    Wondering if there are any unique Italian phrases for when speaking to a dog.

    For example in English I might say : “Gimme a paw/Give me five” instead of “Give me a paw”
  7. Idioteque

    Idioteque Senior Member

    Italy - Italian
    Hello Finelli! ;)
    Maybe "Qua la zampa!" :D

    Ciao, Laura
  8. Rottweilerdriver New Member

    Illinois- USA
    USA- english
    I have a question, I am training one of my service dogs in Italiano (It is common for many working dogs to be trained in German, Dutch, etc.) But Italiano is not very commonly used in the USA. So... I have to translate the following 'commands' into Italiano. (Please be aware, that many commands must be very short for the dog to obey, so they may NOT be in literal or language perfect from the spoken dialect)
    Command word English:
    "Heel" (Walk at flank)
    "Sit" (sit down)
    "Pull" (Pull forward)
    "Down" (Drop down NOW!)
    "Stand" (Stand still)
    "Stay" (Stay- do not move!)
    "Watch" (guard-keep an eye on)
    "Brace" (Bear weight-assist)
    "Side" (walk on opposite side/ RT. side)
    "Front" (Stand at front)
    "Up!" (jump up, go up, jump over)
    "Find" (Find object-seek)
    "Leave it" (leave alone-ignore object)
    "Fooey" (Drop something immediately!)
    "take it" (take object)
    "drop it" (release object)
    "Free!" (You are released from position-relax)
    and just for fun....
    "Good boy/Good dog"
    "Play?" (Want to play? reward for work)
    This is a service dog/tracking in training who already knows the commands in English I want him to now relearn in Italiano (actually easy to do!) I just need the correct words. I looked on the site but many of the words are meant for written or spoken...For instance..."Down" would the correct word be "giu"? or ? For "sit" I had no luck at all. To many variences.
    Are there any dog trainers on the list or people in Italy who work with molloser breeds (Rottweilers, Mastiffs, cane corso's etc) Always looking to make new friends with fellow trainers!
    Jackie Ellis
  9. Dobean Member

    Gallarate - Italy
    Italian - Italy
    I'm not a dog trainer, I'm not english... but some commands are very easy to translate...
    Sit = Seduto
    Down = Giù!
    Stay = Fermo
    Up = Su
    Take it = Prendilo
    Drop it = Lascialo
    Free = Riposo
    Good dog = Bravo cane
    Play? = Giochiamo?
  10. TimLA

    TimLA Senior Member

    Los Angeles
    English - US
    I hesitate to add my bark here, because I'm not of the "mother language", but I think I might help in a way that would allow real Italians to give the correct answers. The key is to be able to give short commands - one or two syllables - that sound different enough from each other that the dog can understand them. I'll add words already suggested, and my words are just a guess...please make them better! And for Italian dog-trainers, jump to the next post:)!

    And to finish with a famous quote about dogs:
    "The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog":D

    Sit, Stay
  11. Rottweilerdriver New Member

    Illinois- USA
    USA- english
    Thank you-Grazie to both Dobean and Tim...
    Yes! This is exactly what I am looking for :) <smile>. If there are any who compete in Italy in either SCH, Service-Assistance Dog, SAR or Obedience trials, would love your imput! Thanks again to those who have responded so far.
    Jackie Ellis
  12. Chiela New Member

    USA, English
    Hi, I'm trying to train my dog in Italian and would appreciate it if someone could help me out with the commands: sit, stay, down, come, and good boy. Thank you!
  13. _forumuser_

    _forumuser_ Senior Member

    New York City
    sit = seduto
    stay = fermo/not ti muovere
    down = a cuccia/giu'
    come = vieni, vieni qui
    good boy = bravo

    Hear the pronunciation here.
  14. Chiela New Member

    USA, English
    Thank you very much!
  15. _forumuser_

    _forumuser_ Senior Member

    New York City
    Sure. Another word for stay:

    buono, stai buono.
  16. LGGirl Senior Member

    English, USA
    Can anyone help me with commonly used dog training commands in Italian?
  17. LGGirl Senior Member

    English, USA
    Yes, but I'd like to know the terms one uses in training. For example "sit", "stay", etc. in Italian.
  18. HacheSD New Member

    I am trying to adapt a series of commands we use in English to train dogs into Italian. More than translations, I would like to gather the list of words an italian would use to command his dog in a training session.

    Here it goes, any correction or addition is appreciated.

    Sit: Seduto/a
    Stay (as in "do not move"): Fermo/a
    Down: Giù???
    Bow: Postrato/a
    Wait: Aspetti
    Quiet: Silenzio
    Speak: Parla
    Let's go: Andiamo
    Heel (as in walk very close to my side, or close to my heels): ???
    Take it (hold something in the mouth): Prendelo
    Leave it: Lascialo
    Drop it: Getta
    Watch me: Guardame
    Out: Fuori
    In: Dentro
    Off (as is "get off the couch"): ???
  19. Never Got a Dinner

    Never Got a Dinner Senior Member

    America, English
    Don't forget Get down! Scendi!
  20. lsp

    lsp Senior Member

    US, English
    A couple of posters in this thread offered giù! for down!, which seems more likely. Are you sure?
  21. Empatico Member

    Italy -Italiano
    Sit: Seduto/a or Siedi Siediti
    Stay: Fermo/a
    Down: Giù
    Bow: I think you meant Prostrato , but it isn't so common, in Italian prostrato is used more to mean "overwhelmed", "exhausted", "to kneel down";
    maybe there is a specific term that I don't know, I would say him/her "Giù lungo !" , "Allungati", something like "extended down" ;)
    Wait: Aspetta
    Quiet: Silenzio
    Speak: Abbaia
    Let's go: Andiamo
    Heel (as in walk very close to my side, or close to my heels): Vicino
    Take it (hold something in the mouth): Prendilo if the dog doesn't have the object in the mouth yet, Tienilo if you ask to hold something after he/her has taken in mouth
    Leave it: Lascialo or Lascia
    Drop it: Getta or Butta, someone could friendly say Sputalo or Sputa (spit it out)
    Watch me: Guardami
    Out: Fuori
    In: Dentro

  22. Never Got a Dinner

    Never Got a Dinner Senior Member

    America, English
    I am sure because a Sicilian friend of mine said to his dog, who wanted food on the kitchen table, "SCINNE!!!"
  23. Empatico Member

    Italy -Italiano
    Scendi ! :)
  24. Semprenelmiocuore New Member

    English - United States
    Ok, scendi means "get down" like if a dog was on the couch or something. Giu is correct though if you are just telling the dog to lay down. Also, I lived in Naples for seven years, training a dog in neopolitan would be way easier to say quickly since the words are cut short in that dialect, and they roll of the tongue easier.
    sit down would be - siediti (sea-ay-dee-tea)
    come here - vinnica
    lay down - giu
    stop stay - stai fermi (sty fair-mee)
    leave it - lascia (sci is pronounced sh)
    My Italian friend used to tell his dog "vicina" when he wanted her to heel.. It literally means close.

    Training a dog in neopolitan would be a lot more beneficial since a lot of people don't know that dialect, if you can do it correctly then it is awesome. my dogs know neopolitan and everyone always asks Whoa, what did you just say!? Of course I don't tell them, which if you are training a protection dog you shouldn't tell people what your commands are. Well everyone good luck with your training. It is really hard at first but it is well worth it in the end.

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  25. Dagol New Member

    "sniff trails and fetch! (dog command)"

    Mie prove
    traccie da annusare e va a portare!
  26. Dagol New Member

    dog commands: shake, roll, drop, crawl, speak, fetch, down, speak, rock, roll over, handstand

    Ecco le mie prove:

    commandi per i cani: scrolla, rotola, lascia, va a gattoni, voca, va a portare, terra, voce, dondola, rovescia, handstand (???)

    Non sono sicura che questi commandi dovrebbero usate in imperativo? Ce ne sono commandi che si appaiono nel videogioco.
    Potete suggerirmi qualcosa?:)

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  27. Murphy

    Murphy Senior Member

    Sicily, Italy
    English, UK
    Faccio qualche tentativo:
    Meglio aspettare conferma/correzione da qualche nativo, però.
  28. rubuk

    rubuk Senior Member

    Ciao Murphy, solo un appunto, per shake (scuotati), è scuotiti.

  29. Murphy

    Murphy Senior Member

    Sicily, Italy
    English, UK
    Certo - scuotere/scuotiti
    Thanks rubuk.:thumbsup:
  30. Dagol New Member

    Non ho trovato come si traduce 'crawl'

    Grazie mille! :)
  31. rubuk

    rubuk Senior Member

    Può essere sia strisciare che gattonare. Siccome è un ordine per cani io userei l'imperativo "striscia". Gattona per un cane mi sembrerebbe un'offesa. :D

  32. sumo75 Member

    Qual'è la differenza tra questi due comandi per l'addestramento dei cani?
    Down credo sia "giù" con sia le zampe posteriori che quelle anteriori piegate.
    Bow a cosa corrisponde in italiano?come posizione credo sia col sedere in alto e solo le zampe anteriori piegate, vi risulta?thanks.
  33. Murphy

    Murphy Senior Member

    Sicily, Italy
    English, UK
  34. nysurfrgrl New Member

    Hi..ciao...I was wondering which is most used to teach Italian Dog Commands..I see the ones by..HacheSD,Rottweilerdriver,and TimLA. I'm a little confused..I am not Italian , yet love the language. My girl is a half-pure breed...getting her dad to teach me is another subject..I would really like some help, please. My puppy is 11 weeks old and I only had he for a week. Bloodhound and Black Lab mix and a boy to top off. Grazie...

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