dog standing (four or two legs?)


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Dictionaries say that the word "stand" means "be in an upright position on the feet".
If I say that a dog is standing somewhere, will it mean that it is on its four legs, which seems logical? Or maybe the word "stand" makes native speakers think of the dog "being in an upright position on the (two hind) feet"?

Thanks in advance.
  • vincix

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    In my opinion a dog is standing when his legs are upright - his natural posture. He's sitting when his behind (butt) touches the ground :)


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    If you say something is standing, you imply that all its legs are on the ground.

    In the case of a human, it is two, a dog - four, an insect - six, a spider - eight, etc.

    If this is not the case, then you must add a phrase "He was standing on one leg." - "The dog was standing on its hind legs." "The cockroach stood on its back four legs.", etc.
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