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childhood of heart

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Hello, everyone

Please read the following conversation:
"-A: Those dog-things caught up with me in the mine. Got me right by that crevice...
-B: And you survived?
-A: For better or for worse."

Could you tell me what are the meaning of "Dog-things"?

<moderator note, additional questions removed. You are welcome to post a separate thread for each word or phrase in question. Please include the word or phrase in the thread title.>

Thank you so much​
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  • pob14

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    You can only ask one question per thread - I'll pick one to answer:

    Dog-things = things that resembled dogs. Without context (which is required here) or a source (also required), I don't think I can do any better than that.


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    It sounds like science fiction or fantasy. These are probably monsters that look something like dogs, or are about the size of dogs.
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