dogs in the yard

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I don't know if finally real dogs attacked him, or it was just a joke?! Also, I don't know if "in the yard" refers to where Mr. Napier was, or where the dogs were! so please tell your interpretation.(Maybe, I shall explain that Mr. Napier was the manager of Brewery, and was an annoying, unpleasant man.)

There was another time when one of the new young reps got so drunk he was found tied to the gates of the brewery, stripped to his under pants. Mr Napier had talked about setting the dogs on him in the yard. It would be a crack, he said. The boy was screaming by the end. A trickle of brown liquid streaked his legs.
Many thanks.
It's part of "The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry"by Rachel Joyce, British writer.
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    Hullo Maryam. I interpret it (from the context) completely literally: Mr Napier had talked about setting the dogs on the rep in the [brewery] yard* ... and he did:)

    * i.e. the outside space where deliveries were made.


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    I don't read it that way. I read it that the young man was tied to the gates while drunk, and his trousers were removed. Napier then scared him by talking about releasing the dogs. If he had been actually attacked by dogs, I would expect some description of his injuries, not just a description of the feces running down his leg.

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    Not sure I agree. It is not clear to me whether Mr. Napier actually set the dogs on him. In fact, since it says Mr. Napier had talked about it, but does not say that he did so, I assume that he did not. I think Mr. Napier just threatened the boy with the dogs to scare him.


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    Ah yes! I see what you both mean:):thumbsup: ~ ignore me, Maryam: Pob and Sparky have it right:thumbsup:

    The rep was debagged and tied to the gate (or vice versa, it doesn't matter);
    then Mr Napier talked about setting the dogs loose;
    but presumably didn't;
    it was just the threat of the dogs that made the rep [ahem] mess himself.
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