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Discussion in 'English Only' started by frequency, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. frequency

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    Hi everyone

    This may be a common business English but I couldn't find.
    You have business/project A and have already suggested to and done to a customer. But you want to do business/project A with another different customer in the same manner. Have you ever heard of any term?
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    As usual, we need a complete sentence and some background. ;)
    To begin with, what you mean by 'in the same manner'?

    For instance, if you mean that you will charge the same fees, you might say "on the same terms."
    That won't work if you aren't talking about the financial aspect of the business.
  3. frequency

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    Tokyo, Japan
    Thank you for feedback. My explanation wasn't sufficient. I'm going to explain again.
    I'm working at the office where provides devices and its network. And..

    You want to sell a service on a business basis. Before selling it, you would have to hear customer's requirement, arrange necessary things, and need to customize the service depending on the case, to negotiate fees, setup, etc, etc..And fortunately the business has started, you may need to arrange some backup-services, support, etc. I mean that all processes you've experienced and done to the customer, which we can say they resulted in a successful business model. Then, you want to use the processes to another different customer as well, if it's possible. I don't know if they are effective to another customer as well! Do you have any term? Thanks for your help!
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    Hi frequency,
    in project management, there is such a term as "cross-project learning" which means a usage of accumulated knowledge from current or past projects in the future projects, so the know-how gained in your project A is used in your next project if it is same or similar to the previous one. You have developed some concept that is used in another projects. But bear in mind, that this term goes just for "projects" (a planned and time terminated set of tasks). In general, you just use the same know-how.
  5. frequency

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    Tokyo, Japan
    morior_invictus, thank you!! Using the same know-how would be smart in the case now I'm involving:thumbsup:

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