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Hi, I know we say ''I am taking a university course'', but is there another way? like: I am doing university. I am taking university. Some informal way of saying it?
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    I wouldn’t be surprised at “I’m doing university” in AE, although I agree with Hermione’s suggestions.


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    It sounds a little strange to me, but I suppose if someone asked a student, 'What are you doing now?', a response like 'I'm doing (my) uni' is possible (as opposed to 'I'm doing chemistry (at university)' or 'I'm doing medicine (at university)'). The most natural response for me is 'I'm at uni(versity).'


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    I thought it might be a question for someone 18–22, when you didn't know what they were up to, perhaps because you just met them or you hadn't seen them for years:

    What are you doing now?
    What's happening in your life?

    I'm doing uni/university/college.

    I'm not recommending the form, but it wouldn't surprise me – and it helps if "doing" is in the question, but it's not mandatory. The answer is pretty slangy. Like "I'm doing night shifts at Dairy Queen." :)


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    "I'm doing night shifts at Dairy Queen."
    Ah... In BE, this would be "normal" and is probably the commonest style of answer to "What are you doing now?" (i.e. "What's your job?").

    However, and subjectively, as I have never heard, or read, and certainly not said "I am doing university." or "I am taking university." I'm going to mark those as "wrong/unidiomatic."