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I'm trying to say "I'm Glad you are doing well in argentina", This is what i got "Que bom que vôce estás fazendo bem na Argentina".So, is "fazendo" the right word? and when i have to use Fazendo or Passando?. Thanks in advanced.
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    Que bom que está tudo a correr bem por aí /Ainda bem que estás a gostar da Argentina/ Fico feliz por estar tudo a correr bem...



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    Muito obrigado!
    Dubs!!! Don't leave!

    English Mania gave you the European Portuguese versions. Since you're talking about Argentina, perhaps you should stay around to hear Brazilian versions.
    ... now I see you live in Spain, so maybe EurPt is perfect. :)


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    "Que bom que está tudo indo bem aí na Argentina! Fico feliz!"

    Note that teenagers often use "que bom" in an ironic way! For example:
    "A: Olha, consegui 10 mil pontos neste jogo!!!
    B: Que bom..." (B doesn't care)

    So try not to simply say "Que bom". Add something else to it and it'll be fine.

    One more thing:
    You could say "Que bom que você está indo bem aí na Argentina", but voice intonation is really important in this case. If you say "Que bom que você está indo BEM na Argentina", then you're actually saying "I'm glad you're going exactly/right to Argentina (and not USA, Portugal, Brazil, Uruguai, etc.)".
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