Dolor de caballo

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  1. asm Senior Member

    New England, USA
    Mexico, Spanish
    ?Cómo se dice "dolor de caballo" en inglés?

    Así le decimos (al menos en México) al dolor que da en en el abdomen cuando se está haciendo ejercicio extenuante (técnicamente se llama Espasmo Diafragmático). NO TIENE QUE VER CON LOS CABALLOS
  2. robjh22 Senior Member

    U.S.A. & English
    Unsure ... Certainly not "stomach ache" and not "stomach cramps." I think we would have to say soreness in the stomach, or "sore abs," or "sore belly," but I'm in such great shape that I never have them. Not.
  3. mrbilal87

    mrbilal87 Senior Member

    English (NAmE)
    I agree with robjh22.

  4. loladamore

    loladamore Senior Member

    Zacatecas, México
    English UK
    You can call that a stitch, or at least you can in the UK.

  5. elbeto

    elbeto Senior Member

    ¡Ándale, si eso! side stitch.
  6. mrbilal87

    mrbilal87 Senior Member

    English (NAmE)
    I forgot that term. It works in CaE as well--you can say "side stitch"!
  7. asm Senior Member

    New England, USA
    Mexico, Spanish
    Muchas gracias, este nombre sí me gusta, es lo que buscaba. :) Saludos a ZACATECAS

  8. jabogitlu Senior Member

    "I've got a stitch in my side!" is usually used around here (Southern US) as meaning the pain you get when you run too long.

    Sore abs/stomach from doing things like situps, I'm not sure. "My stomach muscles are sore," probably.
  9. ghoti

    ghoti Senior Member

    English USA
    I thought "caballo" was "horse." Is it common for "stomach" or "abdomen"? If so, where? Mexico? (It's not in any of my dictionaries.) Does anyone know what the connection is between horse and stomach/abdomen?
  10. asm Senior Member

    New England, USA
    Mexico, Spanish
    Caballo is horse , but dolor de caballo is something that happens to humans. why the connection? It's the same as "it is raining cats and dogs", it's just a phrase. The name "dolor de caballo" is very popular, however, you will not find connection to horses. I don't know if this is popular in "all" Spanish speaking countries.

  11. xbrx New Member


    Its very simple, the name " dolo de caballo " refers to a condition that usually happens when you drink fluids and excercise, that sometimes happens when you ride a horse. I belive It is related to some kind of movement or shake of the stomach.
  12. jinti

    jinti Senior Member

    Hmmm. We do have charley horse, which is a leg or foot cramp, but for what you're talking about, I'd just use stomach cramp.
  13. Cheha Senior Member

    Portland Oregon
    English U.S.A.
    Dolor de caballo can also be called a "sideache" in English, referring to the sides of the stomach where one sometimes gets pain when doing a lot of running, etc. I didn't see this mentioned before.
  14. Alf-Med Senior Member

    In Spain we call that pain "flato" (tener+flato, "tengo flato")
  15. cesar1020 Member

    Monterrey, Mexico
    Español, México (Norte)
    Un poco tarde para aclarar esto.... pero la razón de que se le llame "Dolor del caballo" es por que cuando una persona monta un caballo... y usa espuelas para instar al caballo a correr más rápido... el castigo va en esa area... en las costillas.... o sea... así le duele al caballo!!! jaja por eso es "Dolor del caballo".

    Es en serio.. esa es la explicación... corrobarada por varios maestros de Educación Física.... ;)

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