dolor de cerebro, cabeza, huesos

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    When in Honduras on a medical missions trip, I heard many patients describe their symptoms as (a) "dolor de cerebro" (b) "dolor de cabeza" and (c) "dolor de huesos". Based on their gestures, I interpreted them to be saying they had (a) pain at the top of their head (b) pain at the back of their head or neck, and (c) pain all over...general muscle aches.

    Can anyone tell me if I understood correctly? Is this common usage? Only in Honduras? (I am not a doctor, but was helping with triage. I'll be going back soon, so would like to know if I misunderstood)
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    Literally translated, (a) pain of brain, (b) pain of head/headache and (c) pain of bones. I'm not from Honduras, but my guesses are that both (a) and (b) mean headache (not sure if one means top of head and the other head/neck-- my guess is there is no distinction) and yes, general body body/muscle ache is a good way to describe (c). Perhaps someone from the region can clarify or confirm. Hope that helps. :)
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    Thanks. I do understand the literal meanings of the phrases, but was wondering about the particular usage - especially of "dolor de cerebro" and "dolor de huesos".

    "Me duele el cerebro" es igual a "me duele la cabeza"? O es algo diferente?

    "Me duelen los huesos" significa "me duele todo el cuerpo"? O es algo mas?

    Hay alguien que conozca estas expresiones?
  4. JBJ

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    I'm not quite sure... we don't tend to say "dolor de cerebro" here, but maybe they want to emphasize the pain they feel as somethig deep and pulsing.... "Dolor de huesos" is just that, especially in older people. Of course that if their bones ache the whole body seems to ache too. For me they're nos idiomatic phrases, they're just expressions.
  5. amydafig

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    I've heard patients say "me duele el cerebro" to mean pain at the back or base of the head just above the "nuca" or nape of the neck. Hope this helps.

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