Dolphin Tale


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To translate the name of this movie, how would you allow for it being a female dolphin:

Una delfina

Una delfin

Un delfin mujer

Un delfin

Regards, Carrie

Also, my computer hard drive was just erased, so far I can't figure out how to do accents yet
  • jsvillar

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    You cannot use 'una delfín'! You have to choosse between 'un delfín hembra' or any other similar option such as 'un delfín chica' if you are talking to a very small kid (to me, personally, 'un delfín mujer' doesn't sound right).
    Unless it is critical to know it in advance, the gender of the dolphin will be obvious as soon as anybody talks about her, or uses an female adjective. In English only pronouns (he/his) tell you the gender, while in Spanish most adjectives do.

    'Delfín' has epicene gender, meaning there is only one gramatical gender for both sexes: la rata, el escarabajo, la hormiga, la ballena, el delfín, la foca... Una delfín sounds as wrong as un rata, un foca, una ratón


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    jsvillar is correct. Un delfin is enough to describe the animal/fish, and the gender will be described when people refer to it as he or she.
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