dolus esse

Discussion in 'Lingua Latina (Latin)' started by rajahbeloof, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. rajahbeloof

    rajahbeloof Senior Member

    "Luxuria verborum tuorum mihi dolus non erat."

    I am not quite sure how to render this into English. Maybe: "The rankness of your words was not a device for me."

    What in the world is this dolus esse​?
  2. relativamente Senior Member

    catalan and spanish
    Maybe dolo instead of dolus?
  3. ablativ Senior Member

    My suggestion: I felt cheated by the abundance of your words. (... was a fraud to me) [dolus,-i, masc., nominative]
  4. Hamlet2508 Senior Member

    I suppose it would have to be dolo (dativus finalis) esse, which would translate as "I was not deceived by the wealth of your words ". Does that make sense?
  5. ablativ Senior Member

    I missed the "non" - sorry! "I did not feel cheated ..."

    But anyway: I trust Hamlet's explanation more than mine.
  6. rajahbeloof

    rajahbeloof Senior Member

    Forgive my delay, indeed, it all does make sense. Thank you very much ^^

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