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Jin akashini

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Hi, every one
Here is sentence " Does your company retain and safe-keep Panasonic Group chemical management Rank guidelines (latest version), including requirements of the relevant domain company".
Please explain for me the meaning of the phrase "domain company". I have searched Google, but I can not find its meaning. The phrase is written in my technical document and I have translated them into Vietnamses.:(
Thank in advance!
  • Egmont

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    This sounds like a question, but in your quotation it does not end with a question mark. Is there a question mark in the original document? That can affect the meaning, though in this case it probably does not.

    Panasonic Group consists of many companies. (Some of them, such as Sanyo Electric and AVC Networks, do not use the Panasonic name.) These companies operate in different domains, or business areas. Panasonic Group has guidelines for chemical management. The companies in each domain may have other, additional, guidelines for chemical management. These may be different from each other. The question is: "Does your company keep both the overall Panasonic Group requirements and also the requirements of the individual Panasonic companies that matter in your case?"

    (The English is confusing. Perhaps it was written by someone whose first language is Japanese.)
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