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In the following sentence, domain and area also seems to be the possible answer. If now, why can't I use domain/ area instead of field?

A recent issue of a language learning magazine has consulted a number of experts in the __________ of second language acquisition.

a domain, a branch, field, area
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    Perhaps it's just something you have to learn... experts are usually expert in a particular field: language, mathematics, astronomy, etc.

    Likewise, if you met an expert, you might ask, "What is your field?" ("your field of expertise?")

    sun 94

    I looke'd up the word ' domain' in a dictionary and I found out that domain also involves particiular field. Then, what do I have to use domain? Still domain and field sound verys similar in meaning.


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    Hello !

    So I open again this old conversation because I'm having the same problem. "Domain" and "field" mean the same thing to me, but I have the impression that sometimes natives would prefer one or the other, and that if I use the wrong one my sentence won't feel right to them.

    Here is the sentence : During her internship, she worked on research and presentation in the .... of medical device technology.
    ----> Domain or field ?

    My instinct would say "field" but I have no explanation.

    Thanks ! Lily
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