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Hello there,

could you please clear up the mystery concerning the usage of 'domain' and 'field'?

Generally speaking, I always read and hear "in the field of marketing", "in the field of accounting". To be honest, I never use 'domain' because I was told I should give preference to 'field'.

My dictionary defines 'domain' as a 'sphere of influence'. For example: A man's/woman's domain. I've also come across the expression 'computer domain'.

When I speak about my professional qualification, can I use domain as well?

On what occasions do you ever use the word?

Thank you very much for your help!
  • pickarooney

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    I think in most cases they're interchangeable. I would previously have used 'field' in the professional sense, but have got used to hearing 'domain' so would have no issue with it, and might even use it from time to time.

    Note: a computer domain is more specific term used in networking and can't be replaced by field.
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