domenica 11 aprile

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    Hello everybody. This is the sentence in Italian:

    Vieni alla mia festa domenica 11 aprile?

    And here is the translation:

    Are you joining my party on Sunday April 11? :confused:

    It does not sound good to me... Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
    I have been surfing the web for long. At last I was able to find the following sentence on this website:

    March of Dimes Canada will be holding its second annual Walk & Roll fundraiser on Sunday, April 11, at the Pen Centre on Glendale Avenue in St. Catharines.

    So it seems to me my translation is good.
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    Here are some more natural options:
    Are you coming to my party on Sunday the 11th of April?
    Will you be able to make it to my party on Sunday...
    My party is on Sunday the 11th, can you come?
    ............................................can you make it?
  3. Pucket New Member

    Thank you, Tim!

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