Domestic animals & poultry

  • Thanks for creating this glossary, it is really useful! :)

    You may find some info to help you complete it in this other glossary (which I created some time ago to compare the names of live stock vs meat). It includes the names of the male, castrated male, female and young of a few animals, so I hope it helps you! :)

    I would also like to contribute to your glossary, but I have problems with my account and cannot upload more xls files using my account.

    So I'll list here a few terms that are missing in your glossary and that you can add to it:


    baby horse: foal (this is the generic term for a baby horse of undefined gender). A colt is a young male horse while a filly is a young mare.

    female horse: "dam" is only used to refer to a reproductive female. The male equivalent of dam is "sire".

    female elephant: cow elephant
    male elephant: bull elephant
    baby elephant: calf elephant

    baby rabbit: kit

    female cat: queen
    castrated male cat: gib

    I hope this helps! :)
    I've added Austrian German (standard language + some dialect terms) because there are, in some cases, huge differencies in terminology (while in others terms are identical): some terms used in Germany aren't even intelligible in Austria (like - first and foremost - Borg) while others are understood correctly.

    Also I added your additions, Rye.

    As for baby horse = foal: that was already in the list but is only visible if you put the cursor on the field (as the description is longer than the excel-cell ...).
    Hi, all!
    As I can't read zipped files, maybe I did abundate work with my file, but anyway I'll add it.


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    I have added some terms in Spanish, Catalan and French. Nevertheless, I think that there are some mistakes:
    • Conejitos (Spanish) --> It's the plural of "conejito"
    • Macho cabr'io --> Macho cabrío (the accent is placed in a wrong way)
    • Xina (Catalan) --> I think this term doesn't exist (it doesn't appear in the DIEC dictionary)
    • Gató --> The same

    I hope this helps! :)

    PS: I hope I haven't done something wrong (it's the first time I have ever done this)


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    Hello melindaregner,

    Catalan is a latin language spoken in Spain (Catalonia, Valencian Community, Balearic Islands, La Franja (Aragon), Carche (Murcia)), France (Northern Catalonia (Pyrénées-Orientales)) and Italy (Alghero (Sardinia)). Besides, it's the official language of Andorra.

    I hope you have understood this a little bit better. :)

    Have a nice day!

    PS: What do you mean with the use of this term in histories (in which of them does it appear)?