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From TV series <Insecure>,

Issa is talking about her friend Molly, who's also black but both white people and black people love her.
When she says that black people love her too, the scene is her playing (I don't know what that is, you can see it in the picture), Molly yells "Domino, bitch" as she pulls that domino with 7 dots.
I think she won. Is there anyone who knows what Domino means here?
Thank you.


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    Each rectangular tile with dots on is called a domino and the game is called Dominoes. I assume she calls "Domino" to show that she has one won, in the same way that one says "Bingo!/House!" when one wins at Bingo, or "Check Mate" when one wins at Chess.:rolleyes:
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    There are different ways of playing dominoes, but usually the person who plays their last domino is the winner - I assume Molly has won and is indeed saying "Domino, bitch!" the same way one says "Bingo!"

    The context of the scene is that Molly (incidentally, with her long, chemically-relaxed hair) is educated, professional and erudite in a corporate meeting with White colleagues, but can also be "down" and fit in playing dominos and speaking AAVE with Black people from the (neighbor)hood. Issa is also educated and speaks standard English, but comes from a middle-class background and doesn't put on AAVE-isms to fit in. She is the only person of color at the nonprofit where she works; her co-workers expect her to be their token expert on AAVE and trends among Black youth.
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