Don’t fret your eyelids on that score

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I think this expression means "don't worry about that or because of that". But I wonder if "fret" in this context has this meaning:
1 be constantly or visibly anxious. ( from WR dictionary)

‘I do, indeed,’ answered Oliver. ‘I have not slept under a roof since I left the country.’
‘Don’t fret your eyelids on that score,’ said the young gentleman. ‘I’ve got to be in London to-night; and I know a ‘spectable old gentleman as lives there, wot’ll give you lodgings for nothink, and never ask for the change—that is, if any genelman he knows interduces you. And don’t he know me? Oh, no! Not in the least! By no means. Certainly not!’

Source: Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. Chapter 08.
Thank you very much.
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