Don’t have more luck than sense?

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High on grammar

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Hello everyone:

Can I use the expression "have more luck than sense" in the imperative mood?

Don’t have more luck than sense.

  • Glenfarclas

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    English (American)
    It's hard to think of circumstances where that's something I would want to say. Particularly since people, by definition, cannot choose how much luck they have.


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    English UK
    No, I'd say you can't, HoG. What makes you want to try to use this in the imperative - what would you want it to mean?


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    English - US
    You can tell someone "Have more sense." because they control how much and how carefully they think about things. You can't tell them to have less luck (Don't have more luck) because they're not in control of how much luck they have (it wouldn't be luck if it could be controlled :)).


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    US English
    Could it mean, "Don't count (rely) on luck; use your (common) sense." ? I agree, though, it doesn't sound like something we'd say instead of the suggestion I just made.
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