don’t turn out a downright Eve on my hands


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The quotation comes from Jane Eyre Chapter 24

Quotation: “You are welcome to all my confidence that is worth having, Jane; but for God’s sake, don’t desire a useless burden! Don’t long for poison—don’t turn out a downright Eve on my hands!

“Why not, sir? You have just been telling me how much you liked to be conquered, and how pleasant over-persuasion is to you.

Context: Jane wanted all Mr. R's secrets rather than half of his estate.
Hi everyone! I don't understand the bold part. I think "Eve"refers to ": the first woman, the wife of Adam, and the mother of Cain and Abel". There seems to be some religious implication I don't know.
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    "and how pleasant over-persuasion is to you."

    The myth of Adam and Eve is that Eve turned out to be trouble for Adam: she disobeyed God and persuaded Adam to disobey Him also. In punishment for the disobedience, Adam (who was in charge of Eve) and Eve became mortal and were expelled from Paradise.

    don’t turn out a downright Eve on my hands!
    ” -> do not become like Eve - someone for whose faults I would have to take responsibility and for which I would be punished. = "Do not be like Eve who persuaded Adam to do something that resulted in disaster."
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