Don’t well me, mister.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 06 Episode 22

Raj found his dog and has taken it home while Bernadette is still worried sick about the dog.
Bernadette: So you knew she was okay, and you couldn’t pick up the phone to tell us?
Raj: Well, I, I thought about…
Bernadette: Don’t well me, mister.

The 'well' is obviously used as a transitive verb. Is it common?
  • quillerbee

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    Bernadette has a guilty conscience, but instead of apologising, she goes on the offensive. She is scolding Raj like a mother scolds her children. It is not the well that is relevant here, but the Don't____ me, mister. (Mister is used ironically.)

    The way it usually went (I mean goes) is like this:

    Mother: You didn't bother to call and tell me you would be 5 hours late?
    Child: But mom, I was just…
    Mother: Don't "but mom" me, young lady….
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