Don Fraser—the same thing


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Hello everyone,

From the book Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman.

Mr. Friedman quotes Walter Mondale.

My family and parents always expected us to be involved in the community and to be for things. Dad was an old Farmer-Labor guy. And Hubert’s dad was a big social activist and his mom was, too. Don Fraser—the same thing.

Does "Don Fraser—the same thing" imply that Don Fraser was a social activist too?

Thank you.
  • Barque

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    Some googling tells me there was a politician called Donald Fraser who, like Mondale, was from Minnesota. They were about four years apart in age.

    Perhaps Fraser was a friend or acquaintance of Mondale, like this person Hubert, whose father he refers to.
    Don Fraser—the same thing.
    I take this to mean that Don Fraser came from the same background as Hubert and Mondale - with parents who were in community service or social work.

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    Don Fraser—the same thing.
    This is very conversational language. We could rephrase it in a more complete way: "Don Fraser--the same thing was true of him"-- with the meaning that Barque provided.

    For whatever it's worth, all these men were prominent in politics ("Hubert" is Hubert Humphrey), and personally acquainted, but again in casual conversation, that isn't explained.


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    Hubert Humphrey is one of the most famous Minnesotans of all time so in a book about politics in general and Minnesota politics in particular, written by a political columnist and quoting another Minnesota politician, first names are all that's necessary for the target audience. Of course, if you're not in that target audience it might need a bit more explaining. :)

    As far as being a social activist, it doesn't necessarily imply that was their job. Social activists come from all walks of life. It's the ideas that bring them together as political allies.

    Dad was an old Farmer-Labor guy.

    This is a reference to a previous political party in Minnesota that later merged with the Minnesota Democratic party. I believe it had the reputation of being farther left on the political spectrum than the Democratic party. So that's the context and background these people came from.
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