Donargli nuova vita

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by pape049, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. pape049 New Member

    Buon giorno, devo tradurre: (oggetti)...rimontati insieme per donargli nuova vita. Direi: "...put back together to give them a new life" ma non ne sono per niente sicuro...
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  2. You little ripper! Senior Member

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    That would probably work, pape, but what 'oggetti' are we talking about? :)
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  3. Holymaloney

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    Hi:) !
    Agree with Charles here (hi CC :):)!), would be interesting to know what we're talking about :rolleyes:. As an alternative to put back together, maybe you can also use assemble: '...the objects have been assembled again to give them new life...'
    Cheers ;)
  4. pape049 New Member

    glass beads, crystals, silver and so on... I think that "assemble" could be a bit too "cars"...

    Grazie mille, Holymaloney e Charles Costante, per l'aiuto, a buon rendere e... AUGURI
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    A new lease of life.

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