Donbill has reached (exceeded) 1000 posts

  • Capitas, I sweat bullets (is that a new expression for you?) each time I post something in Spanish. I can't sleep at night because I'm always sure I've said something wrong and that when I wake up, I'll have dozens of posts telling me all of the mistakes I've made. But I'm addicted to the forum! I have learned so much since I joined it, and I hope to learn a lot more! With help from foreros like you, I'm sure I will.

    I think I can't recall even once that you made a mistake in Spanish (have you ever received one of those posts? I´m sure not.
    Sudar la gota gorda, maybe? Pasarlas canutas?
    I've just read about the genetic test. My father-in-law had it done, and they told him he had Irish ancestors, which was completely true (five generations back).
    Please, no more food&drink photographs at this time, we are SO hungry!!!.
    So Gallego Don Bill, Don Billiño!!!
    Donbill es gallego, debimos suponerlo. Aquí traigo, con el permiso de Kreiner, algo de pulpo y unas taciñas...

    Tú sí que sabes, Lurrezko... Ahora que Kreiner saque el Albariño, que no me ha dado tiempo a comer y estoy que muerdo.

    Saludos. :)
    ¡Qué bien que estés de vuelta, Kreiner!

    Ya me he comido todo lo que había, lo siento :D, y me ha dado tiempo a beber un poquito ya (pero como hay bastantes botellas pues os dejado un poco :p).

    Me retiro. Un saludo cordial para nuestro homenajeado Donbill, y para todos. :)
    Congrats, Sr Bill!!!!! I have to say your explanations are very clear and precise! They are as useful to non natives as they are to us!!! Thanks for that, Donbill! :)