Donde es la reunion de hoy? vs Donde esta la reunion de hoy?

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    When talking about the location of an event, why is es used instead of está?

    Ej. ¿Sabes dónde es la jugada de hoy?
  2. ACQM

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    Because it is. Use "estar" for physical objects, people, animals, ... what you can touch. I guess that the location of an event is something intrinsic of the event not some changeable situation. The location of a person, of an animal or of an object is not intrinsic to it, it's just a situation that may change.
  3. autrex2811

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    Español-castellano, son lo mismo
    ¿Jugada? Me parece que quiso decir "juego".
    Jugada es más la acción de un jugador, entre otros tantos significados que aun así no quedarían para usar esta palabra en este contexto.
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    Gracias ACQM y autrez2811, Ya está claro lo de ser.Aquí en San Carlos, Sonora, las mujeres de mi grupito de cartas siempre refieren al juego como "jugada." No sé porque . . . simplemente así es. :D
  5. echinocereus Senior Member

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    Hola, Mexico RV’er,

    The key to this use of SER is remembering “TO TAKE PLACE.” When “is” equals “takes place,” “es” is used in Spanish. This use is like “tiene lugar.” A meeting, a sporting event, a demonstration, a riot, these and many other similar items are EVENTS, HAPPENINGS, and they TAKE PLACE. “La reunión ES en casa de María.” :)

  6. Mexico RV'er Senior Member

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    Again, very helpful, echinocereus. It makes perfect sense to me. I've always known "ser" was used in this way, but I never had a clear idea of why. Thanks.

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