Donkey feels good breaks legs on ice?


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I got a message from a guy in other forum with whom I need to be careful since he has got a temper.

Would anyone tell me what this sentence mean if I was told?

'When the donkey is feeling too good, he goes onto the ice and breaks his leg.'

Does this indicate that he try to let me refrain from being active, do you think?
Or is it a kind of threat?

I feel sorry about him, since I am the moderator of that forum, and he is acting too much aggressively against other poster.
But I am also not supposed to punch him in his face, either.(If I can over the internet though.:D )

Thank you for your attention.
  • Trisia

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    Afraid all I can offer is a guess. I think he might be saying that if someone gets too confident then they might attempt something that they actually cannot do/handle and there'll be consequences.

    I'll refrain from commenting on the lovely manners displayed by this person (if my interpretation is correct).


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    Thank you Trisia.

    Your guess suits my case.

    And your clever choice on not commenting my second half part would mean much to me too.

    Thank you again.:)
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