donner un coup de coude à quelqu'un

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  1. AnneBD Member

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    Hello everyone,

    I'd like to know if 'to rib someone' can sometimes mean something like 'donner un coup de coude à quelqu'un' to attract his/her attention. I only found a reference to the meaning of "make fun of someone" and it doesn't seem to fit with the context I have, which is a situation where a guy "ribs" his friend as if to attract his attention to a pretty girl nearby... Is it a possible meaning of 'to rib' in BE?
  2. Santana2002 Senior Member

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    For me, to rib someone means to tease them, to make fun of them, whereas 'to elbow someone' or 'to nudge someone' or 'to give someone a dig in the ribs' means to attract someone's attention by pushing your elbow into their ribs.
  3. Kelly B

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    That's generally true in US English as well. Can you give us a sentence or two, AnneBD?
  4. AnneBD Member

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    It's a situation where a woman starts to take off her shirt in front of 2 window cleaners, but for one of them only. Here goes the text : "she starts slowly unbuttoning her blouse. The window cleaner ribs his partner unable to believe his luck." Does that help?
  5. AnneBD Member

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    Thank you Santana and Kelly B, I got a revised version of the text where it said "he elbows his partner in the ribs", so my original idea was right but some words were missing. No wonder...

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