Don't be a fly.

Discussion in 'English Only' started by lucozade, Dec 4, 2006.

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    I was talking to a girl and i was giving her abit courage and all of sudden she said me ' Don't be a fly' i couldn't understand that , sometimes it means that don't try to be more attractive , i couldn't understand in what sense did she say me it ? Many Thanks..
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    Is it possible that she said,
    "Dont be so fly." or "Don't be fly."
    fly adj 1 slang, chiefly British knowing and sharp; smart. 2 slang chiefly Scottish furtive or sneaky.
    If she did say,
    "Don't be a fly."
    she could have meant,
    "Don't be an insect."

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    Fly could mean attractive or to soar in the air or refer to an annoying insect that has the tendency to buzz in people's ears and annoy the heck out of them. Since I doubt you were flying, she could have been telling you to be less attractive or to stop talking to her. My guess would be the latter. She may have just wanted you to listen.
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    Urdu , Pak
    Thank you very much to all of you

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