Don't dare open Pandora's box!



If I am addressing a group of guys I can say for Don't dare open Pandora's box!:

אל תעיזו לפתוח את תבת פנדורה and the pronunciation of תעיזו is ta'izu. What is the singular form for a guy and the plural form for girls? Is it ta'ez and te'izena (and stress is on ze) respectively?

Thanks so much
  • If the verb in question is derived from leha'ez (which is from Hiphil עזז), then your original sentence contains a mistake: the תעיזו is pronounced ta'ezu, not ta'izu. In fact, I don't think the yod, which is a mater lectionis, should be written either, but that's a minor issue.
    If we're talking about Modern Hebrew, [taʔˈizu] is indeed the correct pronunciation of the form you ɡave.
    The singular masculine form is תעיז [taʔˈiz] (stress on the "i") and the usual plural feminine form is the same as the masculine one: תעיזו , but the traditional one is תעזנה [taʔˈezna] (stress on the "e").
    Here's the full conjugation of להעיז if you want to verify: להעיז .
    I don't know about how it's pronounced in colloquial Hebrew, but according to the Academy's dictionary, הֵעִיז means "to bring into a shelter", and "to dare" is given only as הֵעֵז. It would be nice to get a native speakers input here.