Don't do store bought. [OR: store-bought]


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- I hope each of you has a great Valentine's day. As far as what to get a guy, make it something sentimental. Don't do store bought. You may surprise him by making him dinner and his favorite dessert or something.

- "Don't do store bought" in this context means "Don't buy stuff at shops or stores", correct? :)

Thanks very much!

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    Yes. It's an unfamiliar construction, at least for me in BrE. 'Store-bought' means "bought at a store", but I wouldn't say it (even if I called shops stores). That is, I'd call them presents bought in shops, not shop-bought presents. Then there's the 'Don't do X' construction, which is pretty new and slangy. Perhaps it comes from 'Don't do drugs', but 'drugs' is a noun so it's going one further to use an adjective here. I understand it, but it's very far from anything I'd say.


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    Store-bought is colloquial AE, and listed in the WR dictionary.

    "Don't do store bought" is an interesting collocation. As entangledbank says, "do [adjective]" is modern and slangy; "store-bought" strikes me as somewhat old-fashioned, and perhaps rural.


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    Store-bought is old-fashioned and common at the same time. People use it knowing it's a bit quaint. I've used it enough times and have heard it enough times that I would say it is still common in Canada.

    'Are these cookies homemade or store-bought?'
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