Don't expect/will never have expected


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Which one is correct? (In short, could you tell why?)

Thank you so much.

I will never have expected/don't expect a restaurant to be close on a Friday night, but the unexpected always happens.
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    I would never have expected...

    When you say you do not expect, it sounds as though you still have not realised the restaurant is actually closed.
    I will never have expected - :confused: might work in some bizarre concurrence of events in the future, but not in your example.


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    It depends whether you already know that a restaurant is closed. If it is:

    I would never have expected . . . [If you had asked me before this, my future opinion would have been . . .]

    If you don't yet know, for example if you're going towards the restaurant, hoping it isn't closed when you get there:

    I would never expect . . . [My habitual opinion is . . .]
    I don't expect . . . [My general attitude is . . .], i.e. much the same as the previous.
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