Don't get me started

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Chandler: Wouldn’t that be Frank the III?
Alice: Don’t get me started. (To Phoebe) Anyway, umm, since there are three babies and umm, we both got to put our names in, we would be truly honoured if you named the other boy baby.

"Don't get me started", here what is the emotion of Alice, is she content with the name "Frank the III" which her husand name his baby, or does she blame the Chandler is too much talk?
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    "Don't get me started" is a way of warning someone that you have a lot to say about something; often what you have to say is critical.

    I would suppose that Alice doesn't like the name "Frank the III", but I can't be certain.

    What do you think? Did Alice complain about the name, or about something else? Did she argue with her husband about naming the child?
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