Don't go wandering off on me


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I came across the sentence "Don't go wandering off on me now." in a novel.

I don't quite understand the meaning of it. Thanks for any help.
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    Don't go wandering off ...
    This is an instruction, probably to a child, to stay close by.

    ... on me.
    This addition is not easy to explain, but it is very common.

    It implies that wandering off would be emotionally distressing for the speaker and almost suggests that he would take the wandering off as a personal affront.

    There are previous threads that may help.
    I'll see if I can find a good explanation :)

    Don't die on me.

    I thought there were more.
    The OED definition may help: So as to inconvenience, disturb, or confound the expectations of.
    The OED entry suggests this expression was originally Irish English :)
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