Don't let your possessions possess you

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greg from vancouver

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Canada, Vancouver
Hello all. A lot of the churches in Vancouver display rather humorous and pithy sayings on their signs. This morning, I saw one that said "don't let your possessions possess you."

I thought it would be fun to try to translate that into Arabic. Any ideas?

  • Zaeem

    Saudi Arabia, Arabic

    I am not sure what that means but I will try.
    أنا لست متأكداً و لكني سأحاول.

    don't let your possessions possess you
    " لا تدعْ سُلْطَتَكَ تَتَسَلّطُ عليكَ "
    Pron: laa tadA solTataka tatasalaTo Alaika

    Please correct me
    أرجو أن تصححوا لي



    Imperfect mod
    US English, Palestinian Arabic bilingual
    To me, سلطة is more like "authority."

    I would suggest:

    لا تدع امتلاكاتك أن تمتلكك.

    Laa tada3 imtilaakaataka an tamtalikaka.


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    I , for one,see that , since it is of religious motives, then connotation would be :

    Do not let the worldly life busy you.

    لاتشغلك الدنيا
    لا تنشغل بدنياك
    لا تغرنك هذه الحياة


    Saudi Arabia, Arabic

    I think you are right eloy. I Prefer your sentence.
    أعتقد أنك على حق. أنا أفضل جملتك.




    Arabic (Egypt).
    Ayed's suggestions are very good and give the same meaning, but the problem with them is that they are not a translation, they're very different from the original.
    That's why I go with Elroy's, with a slight correction :
    لا تدع ممتلكاتك تمتلكك.
    We can also say :
    لا تدع ممتلكاتك تستحوذ عليك
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