Don't mean no nothing at all...


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Hola a todos! Estoy un poco confundida con TANTOS negativos de esta frase (es de una canción de Nelly Furtado):

" Oh you don't mean no nothing at all to me
No you don't mean no nothing at all to me
But you got what it takes to set me free
Oh you could mean everything to me"

No sé si le da un sentido negativo a quien va dirigido, como:

" Oh, tu no significas nada para mi..."

Más bien creo que le da un sentido positivo a la frase, pero no hallo cómo traducirlo!

Alguna sugerencia? Es una frase negativa o positiva para quien va dirigida???

GRACIAS! Saludos!
  • danielfranco

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    Why, sure, ma'am! It don't mean nothing at all to use double or triple negatives, 'specially in them songs, 'cuz they need to fill in the space to take up all them notes, don't they?
    So don't yer worry none, ya hear? Miz Furtado means to say that that boy could be the one, but he really ain't all that, if you know what I mean, he don't mean no beans to her, and he better not forget it, either!
    Alright already. Y'all be good.

    [I mean, she's using colloquial speech patterns, is all.]


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    Yes, the translation is correct.

    The line sounds like it comes from the blues tradition of hard times and broken dreams, yet the subsequent lyrics are pure pop (popular music ), hinting at optimism and hope for a "relationship."

    It's an odd mix of styles.

    As is often the case with song lyrics, it's hard to find a language lesson here. We're in the hands of artistic license.

    It's kind of
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